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October 16, 2014  

In this episode I talk about doing what you can when you can. This is different from the idea of simply being satisfied with "good enough." I do believe you should always put your best effort forward in all that you do - and then let it go.

Unfortunately many people fall into one of two extreme categories:

  • They do just enough to get by - never striving to be remarkable
  • They let their need to be remarkable (and need for perfection) stop them from taking action and pulling the trigger

I think if you can can take a piece of content and after truthfully evaluating it, decide that it is possible someone will be a different person - even in some small way - after having consumed that content, then you've done your job.

Here are the key points covered:

  • The impact of not being in integrity
  • What determines trust
  • Realistic expectations and strategies to getting the biggest impact in your business
  • Leveraging your strengths
  • Commitment vs perfection

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