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January 15, 2015  

Today I wanted to share ONE marketing tip that I believe if you do it consistently on a daily basis will produce high returns for you in your business AND life. And I don't simply mean returns in revenue - although that's definitely a result. But also returns in an increased network of leads, customers, business associates, and advocates for your business.

Key points covered:
  • The results this marketing tip has given me
  • What I mean by touching one person a day
  • Different methods of direct outreach
  • Why I took on this methodology
  • What you can go to go deeper with current relationships
  • Benefits of these connections
  • Breaking down the stats
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Michele Welch
Embrace Your Genius!

In this episode I discuss the four things you must do in business - specifically in the area of client acquisition. These four steps are essential to getting leads in, converting them into clients and putting a system in place to continue to stay in touch with those leads and clients.

Here are the key points covered:

  • The lead generation process
  • How to qualify leads
  • Methods to convert your leads
  • Putting a follow-up system in place

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October 23, 2013  

In this episode, I cover the six degrees to follow-up. Following up with prospective leads can be a stressful event for many service professionals. On the one hand there's the internal conversations that go on ... Never fun! On the other end, it's trying to figure out how best to do it. In this episode I share the system I've used to stay on point with my follow-up.

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