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December 30, 2014  

In today’s episode I talk about something not often discussed, but happens all too often to many of us – especially entrepreneurs; and that is how to get out of the funk.

You know the funk right? When it seems as if everything and anything that go wrong does. When you’re feeling down and unfocused and you’re not sure why. When everything seems to agitate you and it takes every effort on your part to break into a smile.

There are many reasons why this can happen. However, there’s one thing for sure – feeling the funk is an inside job. And with that knowledge you have the control and choice to either stay in it or not.

Here are the key points covered:

  • Is staying in the funk a choice?
  • What dictates how we operate day-to-day "normally"
  • What triggers the funk
  • Methodologies to getting out of the funk
  • Reasons why you may not get of the funk
  • What I do to get out of the funk
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