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February 5, 2015  

One of the things I used to say all the time and I didn't even realize - until I started to pay attention - is I hope or pray "something" would happen. After listening to mentors tell me over and over again, that nothing can done on a hope and prayer, it finally hit me a couple of years ago.

Crazy how sometimes you have to hear things multiple times before you actually HEAR it!

It really hit home finally that hoping and praying was not a methodology or process; hoping and praying is just that. It's the someday syndrome. There are no expectations that what you want to happen will truly happen.

That why it's so important to pay attention to your words and have conviction behind your words. It's not about 'I hope' to get a client but rather, 'I can' get this client, or 'I will' get this client. It's a very different conversation don't you think? It just feels differently.

Maybe that's semantics, but I know from my own experience when I say I know something will happen as oppose to 'I hope' it will happen, I'm more likely to take decisive and efficient action - coming from a place of conviction.

It's about stating what it is you want to have happen in the world and taking the appropriate action. That simple!

It's not about constantly being in a place of reaction but rather about being proactive.

  • How would your life and business be different if you were proactive? ... If you caused something to happen.
  • How would taking action to get to your prospective clients impact your business? ... Instead of waiting for them to come to you.
  • What actions would you need to take?
  • Who would you need to be? ... You'd have to be someone who participates in life.

We focus so much on the minutia of things that we forget about what's important ... doing those things that truly matter, connects us to others, and moves us forward with clarity and conviction.

Feel free to share your methodology or process below. What has been your experience?

Embrace Your Genius!

Michele Welch

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