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February 12, 2015  

I want to talk about an issue that I've struggled with for a long time and I know many other entrepreneurs and small business owners have as well ... and that is information overload. We often have this insatiable need to consume more and more information and even will project that onto others through our processes and content; throwing tons information and options at them in hopes that they will value us more.

What's really going on is that you and the people you're targeting are left feeling overwhelmed; and nothing is really getting done to address the core issues and desires.

Due to my own experiences over the past several years, I've gotten crystal clear that knowing it all was not the important thing. The important thing was to take my current knowledge, skill sets, and passions and go deeper with them.

The illusion is that as a business owner you need to know it all. The truth is that you need to get clear on the area - service, topic, etc. - that you thrive and go deeper with that. This is what you want to showcase on a consistent basis and want to be considered the best at.

Does this mean you have to give up learning new things and stop sharing areas that you are knowledgeable of? Not necessarily. But what area or core topic can you spend 80% of your time on - that you consider to be your sweet spot? ... All else would fall into the 20% category.

Let's get real. People are feeling overwhelmed daily. We (and they) simply have too many options. We don't necessarily need more options but rather more understanding. Therefore, what would you be willing to give up so you can spend 80% of your time on that area in which you truly thrive? An area you can immerse yourself into fully and master? An area where you can become the best?!

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